Everett Ruess in writing, film, theater, music and more


On Desert Trails, 1940, re-published 1950
Randall Henderson, Desert Magazine

Vagabond for Beauty, 1983, W.L. Rusho, Gibbs Smith, Inc.

Sandstone Sunsets, 1997, Mark A. Taylor, Gibbs Smith, Inc.

The Wilderness Journals of Everett Ruess, 1998, Everett Ruess
with W.L. Rusho, Gibbs Smith, Inc.

Combination Edition - Vagabond for Beauty and The Wilderness Journals of Everett Ruess, 2002, Everett Ruess with W.L. Rusho,
Gibbs Smith, Inc.

The Mystery of Everett Ruess, 2010, W.L. Rusho, Gibbs Smith, Inc.

Finding Everett Ruess: The Life and Unsolved Disappearance of a Legendary Wilderness Explorer, 2011, David Roberts, Broadway Books

Everett Ruess: His Short Life, Mysterious Death, and Astonishing Afterlife, 2011, Philip L. Fradkin, University of California Press

Pledge to the Wind, The Legend of Everett Ruess, 2014, Wayward Publishing

Vagabond for Beauty, 2021, W.L. Rusho, John Murray Press (Re-published UK version)


Desert Solitaire, 1988, Edward Abbey, University of Arizona Press

Legends of the American Desert: Sojourns in the Greater Southwest, 1999, Alex Shoumatoff, Alfred A. Knopf Publisher

Mormon Country, 2003, Wallace Stegner, Menasha Ridge Press

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Into the Wild, 2007, Jon Krakauer, Anchor

Vanished!: Explorers Forever Lost, 2007, Evan L. Van Balkan, Menasha Ridge Press

Desert Rats, Adventure in the American Outback, 2010, Chinle Miller, Yellow Cat Publishing

The Disappearances: A Story of Exploration, Murder, and Mystery in the American West, 2016, Scott Thybony, University of Utah Press

The Mystical Pursuits - Tragedy & Transcendence - A Sedona Expose Oracles Witches and Everett Ruess Paperback, 2017, Public Land Library Press

Cold Case Chronicles: Mysteries, Murders & the Missing, 2021, Sylvia Pettem, Lyons Press


Lost Forever staring Mark Larsen, Diane Orr, 2000, Beecher Films — Docudrama

Everett Ruess, Wilderness Song produced by Jonathon Demme, 2011, Lindsay Jaeger, Way of the West Productions — Film / Documentary

Nemo 1934, 2012, Corey Robinson — Historical Documentary

La Disparition d'Everett Ruess - une histoire américaine (The Disappearance of Everett Ruess, an American story), 2018, Emmanuel Tellier — Film / Documentary from a French point of view.
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Everett Ruess by The Petals, 1994, November Rain Records

Everett Ruess by David Alvin, 2004, Yep Rock Records

Everett Ruess by Dana Robinson, 2008, It's About Music

Wilderness Song, an album of 15 songs using the prose of Everett Ruess, For the film soundtrack of "Everett Ruess, Wilderness Song"
by Dan Bern, 2012, DBHQ Records

The Wild Escalante (Ballad of Everett Ruess) by Walkin' Jim Stoltz
from the album A Little Piece of Time


The End of the Horizon, 2008, Debora Threedy, Plan B Theatre Company >> Image to the right

La Disparition d'Everett Ruess - une histoire américaine (The Disappearance of Everett Ruess, an American story), 2017, Emmanuel Tellie


Seitaad Ruessi, Discovered 2010


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